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Re: Hi Yves, have you tried raw shooting?

Although the demo mentioned 8fps in burst mode, would be interesting to know the regular single shot to shot time delay. If P7700 close to instantaneous performance between shots, it will be a "buy" from a lot of serious photographers who look for backup camera for quick action when not carrying DSLR.

nolken wrote:

willconnect wrote:

Yes, this is a very important point to consider.
Please kindly let us know the wait time between each shot.
I would like to use it on children and you know how fast kids run around.

I'm too using it to take pictures of the kids mainly, as it takes so long to go grab the dslr, put the lens i want on it and go take the picture. i want one that is convent to have for those spur of the moment shots.

I do know it has a 0.9 second power up time which is pretty awesome for quick shots

I don't think this will answer the question for you or not, as it didn't answer the question for me. it gives you a better idea though. I'm just copy-pasting this from a post i posted on another thread on this forum.

if you go to the nikon p7700 page on bhphotovideo and click on the item demo link below the image there's a video of a nikon rep showing off the camera and he addresses shutter lag, but he's a nikon rep so i'm taking that with a grain of salt. of course he's going to say that. i want to hear from someone not affiliated with nikon.

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