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Pff. It says nothing. The only thing it tells you is that Leica stuff is expensive and (therefore) bestows status. That it also takes great pictures is only a happy useful side effect for those celebrities.

Most people buy the most expensive stuff they can afford. Rolls Royce or some such could create a "Rolls Camera", based on an existing camera. Then they could license four lens designs or so (28, 35, 50 and 90mm) from any manufacturer they want and during production have the mount slightly changed to fit only their camera.

Then they'd price the set at 20K for the camera and 10K for each lens. Every celebrity would be shooting with that in no-time. Therefore, IMHO, it has nothing to do with being a Leica, or a rangefinder; for these celebs, the status of the product is what counts.

Hasselblad is actually going to try something like I mentioned. They're licensing the Nex7, and they're going to put it inside a wooden body. The price will be between €5000 and €6000. I don't know if they're keeping the E-mount however.

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