Current Olympus DSLR Brand Line-UP

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Re: Current Olympus DSLR Brand Line-UP

Interview with Toshiyuki Terada

DK: What about the Four Thirds cameras?

TT: "It's still the same situation, we're studying the market, and there's a lot of consideration inside the company. We're studying several types of solutions for this product. The direction is of course higher image quality with smaller and more compact size like OM-D. It's always appreciated even with 4/3 users. We have to find a solution to combine small size with much higher image quality. We're studying several ideas to make the product more attractive..TT: We like to provide the products for the 4/3 lens users. Most importantly, we like to provide new products that they can use. Ability of fast autofocus is the main point and the main problem. It can be solved in different ways, and it could be a DSLR camera, or it could be not. We are convinced about the 4/3 users, we like the product, we can utilise this 4/3 lenses. Additionally, we are now considering a solution to have a smaller size products. The 4/3 lenses are quite big, so what would the best size of the product be? "

Contrary to popular belief 4/3 is not a dead end, and our Very fine Zuiko lenses will be even better utilized with whatever the new body iteration becomes !! As long as the ergonomics are comfortable!!!

I'm ok with a compromise in size and weight ,as a matter of fact I would welcome a small size reduction from the E-3,5 (as long as it is not tiny like the OM-D EM-5).

Both Watanabi san and Terada san have reiterated this many times now. ,if everyone would just sit tight , we will be rewarded for our patience!

As a side note, both Watanabe san and Terada san have also stated that they do not believe that the state of the art of EVFs is not yet there for the pro market. "2 -3 years away".

I'm hanging in there for the duration, despite the temptation of cheap FF!!

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