Want the best DLSR cameras go Nikon, the best lenses go Canon, is it true?

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+1 and my observtions too with my D800E

I agree with your observations. I have used D800E in near darkness without AF assist on and it worked like magic .

Anyway - like you said, D800E is great with both AF LOCKING and AF TRACKING. AF locking for both static and dynamic subjects. A lot of folks just mashup static left AF QC issue of 3-4points as if D800/E has bad AF in general. Most QC issues are disappearing over time.

Here is my post (covers a few other things):

Here is Dileeps post (no AF assist either)

For some reason just bc there are QC issues of getting static subjects in focus at left AF points with some early D800/E's, canon users are spreading the word that D800/E AF in general is a slouch. The truth is far from that, as usual Nikon has once again shown that its AF is reliable, persistent, and even more stronger with the D800/E. Even my older lenses like 80-400mm, Sigma 50-500mm got a new life. Using it with Sigma 300-800mm is a joy to use, even at 800mm in darkness.

CaryTheLabelGuy wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

Devendra wrote:

one doesn't have to take 1000s of shots to prove themselves right. It could also be that one can do a few 10s of shots in low light using an older lens (80-400mm VR nikon) at high zoom level (say 340-400mm) and in complete darkness (i could even see the models face, just the edges of her face was viewable through the camera), yet I was able to get AF locking and AF tracking resulting in sharp shots.

so yeah, I am blaming you in this case

It is interesting you say that, because just two days ago I was going to work when I noticed that my wife took my 4-month-old baby to our bed and both of them were sleeping and were very cute. At least I thought they were cute because it was so dark that I could not see their faces or bodies, just the shapes somewhat. I brought my 5DM3 with 35L, put it in quiest shutter mode (which is really quiet, unlike that in D800) and the 5DM3 like a night vision tool, immediately autofocused and took these shots. Because of a true quiet shutter, neither one of them woke up. It is for these precious moments,, that i am glad I have 5DM3 with its excellent AF module.

I know for a fact that my former D800 would not have been able to pull this task, without me turning on the AF-Light, which I would have never done in such situation obviously. And my family would have been awoken by D800's shutter sound. When I had both (I don't anymore) cameras I tried the task to shoot objects in a dark side-by-side and I know what results I got. Of course with AF Assist Light D800 and other Nikons could have easily focused and took the shot, but there are situations when that AF light simply should not be activated.

Before I am accused of being a Canon fanboy, I'd like to inform that I still own and use Nikon D300 with several Nikon lenses, and also use Nikon lenses on my m43 setup. Both Nikon and Canon produce excellent cameras. However, as many state here, cameras are just tools, and you need to pick what suits you

Not exactly a canon fan boy, but I suspect you have a defective unit or their is something wrong with the technique. Interestingly I had great luck with D200 for LOCK ON and AF tracking on dynamic subject, but static subject AF was a hit or miss in extreme af points. With D300, I had better LOCK on with static subject on all AF points, but dynamic AF with tracking was interestingly unpredictable (3d gave the best results).

D800/E gave me back that confidence in all types and even with older lenses. In summary it is great with:

AF Lock on static subjects at all af points in extremely low light (and normal light)
AF Lock on dynamic subjects in extremely low light (and normal light)
AF tracking on dynamic subjects in extremely low light (and normal light)
AF tracking is reliable even when one is zooming in/out.
Again this is with single, group, auto or 3D

You may have to tear apart each possible variable and test it out individually or with different combinations to gain confidence or improve your technique. Most canon cameras have zippy lock on static subjects, but most user complaints have been, just because it is zippy it is far from accurate. Subjects are usually out of focus in the images even though one gets a feeling that the subject is in focus after it stops focusing. AF tracking is just a different nightmare, and hunting is normal especially when one zooms in/out. AF tracking while zooming in/out is not an issue with Nikons (i have used D70, D200, D300, D800/E)

Simply put, the D800/D4's AF module easily out performs the 5D3's AF with no focus assist light turned on in the D800, in low-light. I've seen this with my own eyes, extensively using 4 D800s, 2 D800es and 2 D4s. The D800/D4 locks/tracks much better than the 5D3 as well as previous Nikons, in low-light. I have permanent turned the D800's focus assist light off, because it is not needed, just like the D4 (which doesn't have a focus assist light). They both perform identically, which negates the need for the D800's focus assist light. The D800/D4 will lock on subjects you can't even see on the viewfinder in almost total darkness with no assist light. This is also reflected in Nikon's rating of their Advanced Multi-Cam 3500FX AF module (rated at -2 EV), versus Canon's rating which doesn't go down to -2 EV on the 5D3 or the 1Dx.

I'm sorry, but either something was wrong or you weren't doing something correctly.

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