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Hmm well it could be various factors, but the a57 is good at video tbh, no doubt about that so lets run through what could possibly be the problem.

Firstly going by your info, you recorded the video indoors in dim lighting? Well not many cameras will be that great indoors anyway depending on the type of lighting there is, you may need to provide extra lighting to make the video look better.

Secondly, was it in AF or manual focus. If it was in autofocus then I presume you most likely had it in auto mode. The camera will not always pick the optimum setting for the cleanest video if left to its own ideas. Also it is harder for the camera to focus more accurately in dim lighting.

Thirdly the camera could have a problem, though it would be an irregular one so far. Check to make sure your image is not underexposed, sometimes even if the meter reads 0 you might need to boost it to 0.3EV or more.

Ok lastly, having owned the Panasonic GH1 I hope I can advice you about the GH3. Generally the Panasonic cameras are alot better for video especially with the hack. You can get far more detailed video and because of the way it produces video from the sensor theres less moire and artifacts. Also the GH2 has a hack for high ISO detailed video.

However if fundamental issues like lighting or what not are not sorted then it won't make much of a difference. The Sony a57 is one of the better DSLR(T) cameras for video (better than the 550d), and you must have seen several videos using the entry level canons in low light conditions. So I wouldn't get the GH3 yet, because you might find yourself dissappointed when in reality the issue might not be the camera but the conditions your filming in.

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