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Re: Bear in first photo

I too heard about that unfortunate event in Denali...

The first picture is actually taken in a Wildlife preserve and the bear was behind a wire fence. 2, 3, and 4 are wild bears in Katmai. I think the difference between what occurred in Denali and my experience in Katmai was that I was in a group led by a trained guide and the bears in Katmai are habituated around humans. I think the photographer was alone in Denali and extremely close to bears that aren't as used to humans.

The closest bear shot I got in Katmai was this one. Oh and it was the bear that got curious and casually got closer to us. We formed a tight group to appear as a larger entity and she stayed at around 30 feet.

Steve Bingham wrote:

Last week I read about a lone photographer being attacked and eaten by a grizzly in Denali, Alaska. He had gotten too close and the bear simply charged him. The images, still in the camera, were retrieved by Park Rangers later. Amazing.

Your first picture looks WAY too close and I can only assume the bear was either stuffed or caged. In any case, I enjoyed your photos.
Steve Bingham

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