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bryand7k wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

So, I'll set those, then spot-meter the brightest thing in the frame that I wish to keep detail in, and then LOCK my exposure,

This works well for me for most things, but let me clarify: WHEN I SAY SET MY EXPOSURE, I'M PUTTING THE BRIGHTEST THING AT ABOUT 2 STOPS OVER CENTER ON THE METER. Very important. You can actually push it a about 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop more, and still keep detail.

I think this is where I was finding that the ISO was changing and why I went with fixed ISO. So I gather your using EC to make the 2 stops adjustment, or am i missing something else? .... thx

You could. Usually I don't, if I'm spot-metering. I just set it two "big lines" to the left on the meter in the viewfinder (stock Nikon settings, it is possible to reverse the directions on the meter, but I don't). Whether I'm using shutter speed, aperture, or ISO depends on the situation, but usually it's shutter speed in bright situations, if I have room to play with it. You have to remember to lock the exposure, though.

It sounds more complicated than it is, it's actually super fast and intuitive, once you get it down.

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