D600 v. D700 v. D7000 High ISO Images

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Re: D600 v. D700 v. D7000 High ISO Images

Yes, I've got the money for the 14-24 and the D600 earmarked in the bank right now. I'd try to wait for a rebate and get them together. I have several reasons to wait, the main one being I know I don't really "need" a new body as my D7000 and D300 serve me just fine. I also don't want to be an early adopter again based on my issues with the D7000. When the D400 appears (or not), I'll have the information I need to decide whether to go FX with the D600 or stay in the DX camp.

Truth be told, the only new body I "need" is the Sony RX100 with an underwater housing. There, I'm waiting to see if Ikelite develops one before making a decision. Great time to be a photographer and a gearhead with all these options.

TomBricker wrote:

Thanks. If you're a wide angle shooter, you can't go wrong with the 14-24mm. Whatever your budget is for full frame, I'd make sure that it includes that lens.

As far as waiting...ehh...there will always be another better camera down the road. The problem with that is that you can't use it to take photos now.

If the D600 is lacking for you in some way, by all means wait, but I wouldn't wait based upon hypothetical specs of a camera that doesn't yet exist if one of the current cameras on the market does appeal to you.

Just my two cents...

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