New M and the "Leica Look"

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Re: New M and the "Leica Look"

Canon and Nikon has done a pretty good job of making glorious professional image making gear with the CMOS sensor. I think Leicaphiles looking down their noses because on an electronic component, thinking that Leica had some kind of advantage over these much more experienced electronics powerhouses... coupled with the fact that I sold my M9 after 24K frames of trying to warm up to what I now will call a ghastly image file in too many ways... I'm sorry... I don't mean to be a jerk about it. But now the shoe is on the other foot. Leica has made ME happy. No matter how many people are out there in love with M9 color, I know in my absolute heart that the people at Leica saw what I saw in M9 color and wanted to change that.

Again, the Leica look legend, well earned, was created a half century and more before the first consumer digital camera of any brand hit the market.

MirekE wrote:

From the official Leica text:

"This new development successfully transfers the characteristic advantages of CCD sensors, such as natural and brilliant color rendition and impressive reproduction of details, to a CMOS sensor. "

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