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Re: XZ2 sensor

I tend to agree. I'm looking forward to see what the reviews say about the photo quality on the XZ-2. I just got an XZ-1 this summer-I love this little camera. I played around with both the XZ-1 and RX100 at B&H and I chose the XZ-1 because the controls just felt more intuitive and right to me, and I wanted a camera that was better for close-ups- ie the Super Macro mode. Size isn't issue, I always camera in my messenger bag/backpack. If I'm not carrying that I use my Android camera

I'm also really interested in the multi-function control ring on XZ-2 esp for manual focus. Also looks like there is now a C1 and C2 -2 user programmable custom modes.

If the in depth reviews are favorable-esp as regards image quality, I may upgrade next year when the prices come down a bit. I agree that $599 is a bit steep.

skiphunt13 wrote:

I'm by no means an Olympus fanboy, but I really don't get the early dismissing of the XZ2. I do enjoy my XZ1 & am using it once again in Mexico currently. It's just very nearly a perfect travel cam for me. Only real complaint is that I wish I could use the control ring for manual focus, better video with better compression. And a little better low light performance. A tilting screen would be very welcome as well.

Looks like the XZ2 addresses everything I'd change about the XZ1 and then some.

I know about all the big sensor hype, but I really don't think I could trade the lens & function I've become accustomed to for just a bigger sensor.

Will see what the reviews say & might end up with an RX100... but if I had to decide now, based on my XZ1's function & performance, I'd have to go with an XZ2.

Regarding all of the hollering about how well it fits in a pocket... I don't keep any electronics other than an mp3 player in my pocket. Too easy to break them in my pocket if I forget it's there and run into something. I don't even feel that comfortable keeping an iPhone in my pocket for the same reason. If I need to stow it quick to pay for something, etc. I'll put the XZ1 temporarily in my pocket until my hands are free again, but I certainly wouldn't walk around with ANY camera pocketed. That's just me I guess.

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