Lens advice for swap to FX (New D600 in hand)

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Re: Lens advice for swap to FX (New D600 in hand)

Chad Gladstone wrote:

I would wait and see before dropping 2K on the 70-200. The 85 is not made redundant by the 70-200. The latter is imposing where the 85 is extremely small and discrete and is a little over a stop faster. I love my 70-200 but use it much less since acquiring the 85 and moving to FX. Most of the time I use the zoom when I need more reach with a tc attached for specific events like high school football (it is still really too short even then). I am patiently waiting for an new 135 f1.8 that will probably make the 70-200 largely redundant except when I need the versatility of the zoom.

It is difficult proposition to revert back to zooms once you get hooked on fast primes and you may find less utility in it then you believe, now that you are have become accustomed to fast primes. I am now resigned to the fact I need more reach as well, and the only real viable alternatives are to get the 300 f2.8 or compromise and get the new sigma 120-300 2.8 OS HSM.

If, however, you are using the lens to make money, the 70-200 is a sure money maker and is a must have lens along with the 24-70, but for recreational use, I prefer the primes and the 85g is a little gem.

Chad Gladstone

Thanks much for all the great information. I love my primes, but there are times I'd like an all round lens that doesnt have me tripping over my feet.

I'll look for the new 135 to come....I wasnt aware.

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