In the meantime, a D3200 maybe? Has anyone here tried it?

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Re: In the meantime, a D3200 maybe? Has anyone here tried it?

The problem is that the first message may be a real business blocker. If Nikon clearly said: "In three months a new model will come out that is much better than what we have now", no one will buy a single camera for the next three months.

If that were the case, Nikon would be intentionally "conning" consumers into buying a product that they don't really want, but feel that it is all they are going to get.

Clearly there are two market segments, DX and FX where each segment has specific needs. FX is now very well catered for with some great camers. My need is DX, like many others, and we want Nikon to get on with giving us an upgraded model. It can't be that hard can it? The D300s is such a great base model to work from. Keep the same body, just stick a better sensor in it, tweak the electronics & software a bit and it's good to go.

I use FX lenses on my D300 bodies so my need is not based around the use of DX lenses. My need is reach.

I feel the interview with Dirk Jasper is highlighting how arrogant Nikon are. Here was the opportunity to inform the unloved DX community of the future direction Nikon will take. No need to say what is in the pipeline or when it will deliver. Just an indication that it is or isn't heading down the DX path.

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