New M and the "Leica Look"

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Re: New M and the "Leica Look"

AlrightOkUhhuhAmen wrote:

Am wondering if you all care to provide input on something I haven't seen discussed yet.

Part of the draw of the Leica M9 is the "Leica Look" the images have. Part of the look was the particular noise of the M9.

Really? The 'Leica Look', all those decades of history, nearly a hundred years, and the shots in Life and Robert Frank and HCB and scores of other light chasing legends... comes from the 3 year old camera and CCD that itself, in my opinion, and I'm sure the opinion of many others, was a RADICAL departure from traditional photography, let alone the 'Leica Look'.

So we're going to lose that now because Leica made the switch after just a few years of M8 and M9 digital Leica photography to a different sensor, more what is used by professional photographers the world over from weddings to big time journalism?

People. Come on with your M9 CCD lovin' selves. Buy up the stock that's out there and let Leica and the rest of us move on.

The Leica Look? Uh, that LEGEND was created over frames of photographic negative film. The film was the sensor, and EVERYBODY was using the same films, whether they shot Leica or Nikon or Canon or Contax or whatever. The 'sensor' was the same across all brands of photographic equipment. It was a simple frame of film.

THAT is the context from which the legend of the 'Leica Look' was born. The lenses and the particular capabilities of Leica rangefinders that enable a certain level of photographic excellence is what gives images the 'Leica Look.'
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