Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

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Re: Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

You're free to disagree. I'm merely presenting a information for people to make an informed choice. I have the right to respond, surely ?

I've read an enormous number of security reports by firms and you can literally prove any argument you want by cherry-picking them. Remember that those reports are not written for everyone's benefit, but for the firms benefit. Every firm, I regret to say, publishes reports that flatter whichever major customer they're trying to be nice to this week.

You really need to be very skeptical of reports made by firms. You have to take a very broad view to form a useful opinion.

All I can tell you is that I would never recommend IE as a browser to a client. Of course I wouldn't recommend MS Windoze either. Don't worry you be able to find reports telling you MS Windoze is the most secure OS, as well as reports telling you it's the worst.

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