Oly 75mm Lens - Some Disappointment

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Re: Oly 75mm Lens - Some Disappointment

Israel119 wrote:

My apologies. I own both the 45-175 and the 100-300.

I stupidly typed 100-300 twice, instead of the correct lens. I was testing both at 75mm.

No worries, I figured it was typo of some sort. Thanks for clarifying.

I hear you about the diffraction limitation. So are people saying that the Oly 75mm is better more open? What would be optimal, especially for testing?

What the Oly will get you (most likely, I haven't tested it against the 45-175 yet) is a little bit sharper in the center probably around F/4.0 compared to the 45-175 at any aperture. Also probably noticeably sharper in the corners than the 45-175 when at the same apertures up to about F/8 or F/11.

What is impressive about the 75/1.8 is that most lenses, even primes, will start to become rather soft away from the center as you open up to F/2.8, F/2.0 and F/1.8. The 75 manages to stay very sharp in the corners at those very wide apertures. Once stopped down to F/5.6 the differences compared to the zoom will be less noticeable.
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