Campatability of SELP1650?

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Re: Campatability of SELP1650?

Rooru S wrote:

here is an interview given to DSLR News Shooter in Beijing where the NEX-EA50 was presented. There, you can see the new SEL18200PZ, and at the min 3:57, they turn they attention on compatibility with other NEX-series cameras (Including VG and FS series) and the interviewer grabs a NEX-5N from his bag (not from Sony rep) and the powerzoom lens works just fine. I expect the SELP1650 to work the same.

What I saw from some pictures is that the NEX-6 has a focal lenght indicator that shows at what FL you're shooting at when using the SELP1650. Older models should work just fine since the camera only need to provide electric current to the lens to work.
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Thank you for your work. I suppose it would be a PR disaster for recent releases to be incompatible. Sony should correct the compatibility page to avoid confusion.

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