Part-time-pro moving from DSLR to M43 - thoughts?

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Part-time-pro moving from DSLR to M43 - thoughts?

It's been a helluva long time since I've posted on DPReview!

Quick background: I've been shooting part-time pro, full-time enthusiast for about ten years. For the past couple of years, my day job has become more demanding, and my photography gear has been a bit neglected. Unless I'm working, I take my LX5.

Stuff I have:
Nikon D300
50mm 1.8
35mm 1.8
18-50 2.8 (Sigma)
80-200 2.8
A handful of Nikon speedlights and associated strobist-type studio gear.
Panasonic LX5

I estimate the resale value of all this gear to be right around $3500.

I'm not entirely sure which direction I want to go, but I know that, in the end, I want one camera. This camera needs to be reasonably portable, and very capable. It needs to have a hotshoe, so I can do off-camera flash stuff, and it needs to either have a fast lens or the possibility of one. I don't plan on doing any high-profile pro stuff, ever. But I do want a kit that won't limit me if I have some spare time to accept a paying photo gig. Somebody said something to me about the perception of a photographer showing up with a compact camera being a problem--I don't care about that. If I was making a living, it would be different. But this is just for fun and extra spending money. And I can only blame myself if my photos are subpar--not my equipment.

Stuff I think I want:
Olympus OM-D with the 12-50 kit lens
a fast prime or two
Some cheapo manual strobes and radio triggers

Any feedback on this? I'm a bit worried about the flash sync speed of M43 cameras. It seems like they're all a bit slow if you're trying to overpower ambient light or shoot wide open with strobes. I'm kind of wondering if I really need an OM-D, or if I would be equally served (assuming the glass is equal) by a GX1, a G5 or an EP3.

I'm also considering just going with an enthusiast compact like a Panny LX7 or similar and the cheapo strobes/triggers. Hey, sometimes limitations help you hone your craft, right?

I know some of you have made a similar leap. Have you run into any serious limitations? Should I worry about flash sync speed? Any specific gear you'd recommend? Am I crazy?

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