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Re: Remask is AMAZING, DeNoise was very slow

Your statement was and is ridiculous. On the one hand you blast the work of those who 'manipulate' with Topaz Adjust while simultaneously stating how your own processing decision using Topaz Unmask leads to what you see as works of art. Newsflash for you; just like with some HDR processing that a lot of photographers who are underwhelmed by your chosen form of manipulation.

007peter wrote:

pentaxination wrote:

"Depends on what you want. I don't care for Topaz Adjust, too many people abuse these Cartoonish HDR look. Honestly, they are horrid creation of a digital art. There is no photography in it."

You're welcome to check out my Gallery and my DPR Challenge to see my actual_ photography_.

But the Manipulation Challenge as the name imply, is a Digital Art challenge, not a photography challenge. You are to take a boring photo and convert them into something else. That is the nature of this challenge.

I have consistently place in the top 20, welcome to browse through my entire challenge.

But going back to the Topaz Filter. I think they are gear to Digital Art rather than photography. Nonetheless, REMASK is incredibly useful for cutting out photos from backgrounds.

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