Remember when we were proud of Canon?

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Re: Then 2007 Happened

Absolutic wrote:

technic wrote:

The question is should I stay (and for how long), or should I go (to Nikon, or m43 that is starting to catch up with Canon image quality despite smaller/lighter gear)?

You should definitely try these systems if you have not tried. The initial investment in Sony NEX or m43 system is not that much, in comparison to what we pay for Canon gear here. I had Sony NEX 5n and then NEX-7 earlier this year. For a landscape shooter, NEX, especially NEX-7 is ideal as it has a DR that is going through the roof, and incredible detail. If you have not tried NEX, you should. Every photograph looks like HDR there is so much dynamic range in it.

for NEX, the glass is simply not there and I doubt enough is coming with a year or so. Too bad because the camera hardware is great; the menus / ergonomics are not my taste, but I guess one can get used to that. Without good glass (especially SWA/WA), NEX is not an option for me.

However, for my purposes, I traded NEX for m43 with Olympus OM-D, because, again, NEX AF is not fast enough for my purposes (my child moves very fast and NEX is not yet there in AF for me). Olympus OM-D has 'the worlds fastest AF system'. Of course every following m43 camera claims that it has 'the worlds fastest AF system." But the AF system on OM-D is truly very fast and able to keep up with my baby. Since I don't shoot landscape, the DR is not critical for me. But I love the little OM-D, so I don't have to drag my 5DM3 with L lenses and worry about it on those not so important occasions.

Yes, m43 has very nice glass, sensors are catching up with the bigger DSLRs and there is plenty of innovation. And as a longtime OM2/Zuiko user, Olympus has my attention. But just like switching to Nikon FF, this would be financially painful so I'm taking my time ... maybe the rumoured 'pro' version of OMD could get my favor

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