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Re: Lumix DMC-ZS19

Charda wrote:

I am also a new ZS19 user (also coming from ZS6) and I have the same "squawks"! Thank you for explaining all the "feet" pictures I have. Also the mirror image is irritating. I am interested in the Clearview. What exactly is it and where can I get one.....sounds like a must have.

Yes - in my opinion, it is a "Must Have", it completes the camera, making it doggone close to perfect.

Quite inexpensive - of course the slide viewer I was using "back when" was cheaper, but having to carry it separately and hold it was a pain. The Clearviewer has all the problems solved and is always there when I need it.

The guy who makes and sells it is a contributor to this forum, but very modestly doesn't mention it much, so I do because I think it really improves ANY "P&S" camera.


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