FF NOT Better than m43rds for Image Quality and DoF control

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Re: FF NOT Better than m43rds for Image Quality and DoF control

These people should damn well know their place!

You seem very insecure. I presume you are a M43 user or is it an extended holiday for you here?

marike6 wrote:

Never has there been a group of users who spend so much time trying to justify their choice of cameras with wild theories of superiority to other systems. The fact is anyone who has used both FF and m43 will tell you that FF IQ is significantly better in all ways.

Like most concert violinists choose to spend millions of dollars to buy a Stradivarius, there's a reason nearly all professional photographers use FF DSLRs or better.

Improving sensor technology has made some smaller formats more viable options for casual or enthusiasts, since all formats benefit from innovations in sensor performance, all formats are improving.

The problem with arguing with most m43 users is they constantly move the goalposts. If we agree that IQ means DR, high ISO, and color depth, and recognize that the best FF cameras are capable of 1 1/2 to 2 full stops better high ISO performance than m43 cameras, we can then see that m43 simply CANNOT compete with FF for most kinds of low-light work. So recognizing this, a m43 might say "I never shoot above ISO 1600" or "if you don't know how to use light, you shouldn't be a photographer". By minimizing the importance of critical aspects of IQ, a m43 might justify their system. It's just like when the Canon 6D was released with only one cross-type AF point in the center. Instead of admitting this as a weakness, Canon fans moved the goalposts by claiming "I only ever use the center AF point anyway".

That's called rationalizing, and it's something that m43 users have gotten to be experts at doing.

So I would say instead of setting the bar for m43 impossibly high by trying to talk yourselves into FF superiority, m43 users should probably stick to the old "m43 is as good as APS-C". The problem there of course is the new X-Trans sensor of the Fuji X-Pro1, which is also significantly better than m43 for IQ.

You know what, maybe it's time to just stop rationalizing and enjoy your cameras. Olympus and Panasonic make some great gear. Enjoy it.

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