Grand canyon Sunrise, ZS15

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Re: Post Processing to look like FZ50 EV -1.3

buzzsolo wrote:

John Miles wrote:

Look at the line dividing the photos. Concentrating on that line induce your eyes to go cross eyed gradually such that that dividing line splits to form a third identical image between the original two. concentrate on that middle image to stabilise it. At some point your brain 'locks on'.

When you get the hang of it you can increase the image size and try again. Eye strain? Yes a little for the newcomer, but soon it becomes instant and second nature.

Oh that is really weird, it works!

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Bec -
Snapping photos while enjoying life in the swamp

That has never worked for me, and I've been trying for decades - I have to use an old "Stereo Opticon" to get the stereo effect.

Sure envy you!


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