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Re: Not a positive development for serious photographers

OK, as we are way off topic with this anyway, I am going to respond to this.

If capitalism was left to its own devices there would be no vaccines, because they aren't profitable to make and government has to bribe pharmaceutical companies to manufacture them. Capitalism is not interested in curing anything, it is all about getting you on a drug regime that maintains the flow of money to the drug companies. For example, nobody has determined what causes asthma, nobody has found a cure for asthma, but there are mountains of medications that you have to take constantly to suppress the symptoms.

Steve Bingham wrote:

1- Government, by definition, requires tons of paperwork - raising health care cost. Not sure if this can be avoided.

2- Law suits, drug patent extensions, etc are all harmful - and raise health care cost.

Anthony Kunkel wrote:

As someone who works in the medical system and has for 25 years, I will tell you that the major reason for the declining medical system in the USA is government intervention. All the rules and regulations cost a great deal of money to implement and keep current (and the hiring of a cadre of attorneys). Next would be the legal system and the outrageous sums awarded in malpractice cases. Capitalism has brought a huge # of innovations and medicines over the years.

Sammy Yousef wrote:

digital ed wrote:

First Capitalism is great, unlike Socialism that has proven to fail.

Pure captialism fails too, albeit more slowly than communism/socialism. The GFC and American health care are two prime examples.

All pure ideologies fail because no one of them is suited to all real world problems. They are tools. You wouldn't use a hammer to cut wood any more than you would use a saw to drive in a nail. We all need to get away from flag waving McCathryist witch hunt fanatacism and assess the tradeoffs that come with each approach for each situation. I think the move away from "free" (tax payer funded, need/merit based) education and health care are a mistake for instance. Captialism and Socialism taken to their extremes both imply slavery - one by selling yourself to the highest bidder just to get by, and the other because the state owns you to begin with. Both also allow a ruling class to subjegate everyone below them.

One thing is clear. People aren't happy being forced to do anything, yet for society to act cohesively sometimes that is necessary.

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