If I were Hasselblad....

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Re: If I were Hasselblad....

Somehow, I can't imagine that Hassy would expect to beat Sony on the sensor technology. It's also hard to believe that the existing Sony E lens line would not sink the value of the Hasselblad name. It's a long drop from moon missions to rebadging Sonys.

On a brigher note, I expect these to be high-priced rare collectors items on eBay in a couple of years

Keit ll wrote:

I am not opposed to the idea of a linkup between Hassleblad & Sony , the example set by Leica & Panasonic springs to mind

However any collaboration has to be more than just re-skining Sony models with an expensive exterior.. I agree that if Hassleblad can introduce in-body image staiblisation or high class lenses then it could be worthwhile

Perhaps Hassleblad could introduce a larger sensor or a square/ multi format sensor with appropriate micro-lenses which would be an enhancement of existing technology ?
Keith C

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