D600 and PCE lens compatibility

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Great British Landscapes
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Re: improved 24 PC-E?

Yes the mechanics, but the overall design could be improved. The body clearance is an issue - if they could make it like the 45 half the problems would go away and then there are the wheel locks which are too fiddly and small on the 24. Lastly, upgraded optics are needed in the 24 for improved sharpness, but I would say the 45 and 85 are nothing short of remarkable even now.

PatFahey wrote:

Great British Landscapes wrote:


I do wish Nikon would hurry up and update the 24 PC-E because it's something they've worked around for long enough now.

In what way would you have Nikon improve it? I presume you're talking about the mechanics. As a landscape shooter I find that I rarely need both tilt and shift on the 24, or the 85.

In a technical studio, I can see where it would be useful.

I do wish they would add "both movements at the same time" to the 45, though.

The other thing is that with such short lenses (compared to movements on LF with the longer lenses and larger image area), I find that very little movement is usually needed.

My wish list for the PC-Es would be to increase the image circle (for those times when more is needed). But that would likely result in even larger/heavier lenses, with possibly reduced center image quality.


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