Travelling Indonesia - Need recommandations - Thanks

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Re: Travelling Indonesia - Need recommandations - Thanks

Salut Philippe,

Ton pseudo "Avion_007", çà implique que tu es fana d' de James Bond???

I'm coming back to english so that others can follow also...

If you are with a group I guess that nearly everything (transportation, route/itinerary/visits, hotels, ...) has already been established (apart from your free days in Bali)? Would be interesting to have your roadmap then ("feuille de route") such as to comment more specifically on the places you will visit which we know about...

I will only speak about what I think would be interesting or important in the places I visited in May. First part: Yogyakarta region

  • Borobudur: I hope you have a hotel nearby like Manohara ( ), because then it is possible to visit at sunrise and/or sunset with more interesting lights. There is even a package that allows visit of the temple by night (from 4.30am) before sunrise (and thus with much less visitors). Can also give interesting pictures as the temple should be illuminated. I also saw somewhere a picture of the whole temple with the Merapi volcano in background, but this must have been taken from a surrounding hill and/or helicopter, as I can not see any place in the temple itself allowing for that.

  • Merapi volcano: I do not think it is forbidden to climb the hills of the volcano itself (to be checked, but Merapi is one of the most dangerous volcano's of Java: ), but you will have a nicer view of the volcano itself from nearby hills. We visited the (or one?) observatory and from there climbed the hill to get nearer and have a better view. Unfortunately weather was foggy and time did not allow for a longer wait...

  • Prambanan: would probably also be nicer with early or late sun, but not always possible (opening hours to be checked).

To be followed, I am hungry now...


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