How long do you think you willl keep / own the D800?

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Yeah, I'm done.

phototrope wrote:

With the D800, I personally feel like I've got the camera I've always wanted. Any faults in images produced by this camera have to be my own. Like Cartier-Bresson and his Leica, I finally feel like I've got the camera that will stay with me till the end.
No more buyer's anguish, just enjoyment.

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"The job of the photographer is not to record indisputable fact but to try to be coherent about intuition and hope."
-- Robert Adams

I feel the same way which is why I asked. Meh what is 60MP - 100MP going to do? Diminished return land really. Some more dynamic range? at 14.4 stops I can shoot into the sun and get all the detail bar the disk of the sun. Better AF? Okay this is always nice, but I find the AF on this perfect so that couldn't tempt me either. So I'm done, that's it for me. D800 for as long as it lasts (which with shutter repair after it dies should be a good long while I hope, expecting the rest of the components to be up to standard).

I see alot of people moaning about build quality. Perhaps there have been lemons but mine is faultless, and feels like the D700 to me in terms of durability. The D700 never failed me.

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