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Re: Hasselblad's dilemma

Rehabdoc wrote:

I'd just wait till we see a product before I hammer than as hard as some have.

Yes the price is very high, and people are paying a large name premium (as with Leica)...

...but it's not fair to assume that The people at Hasselblad (and Sony) are simply deeply stupid or cynical. The idea that Hasselblad is simply slapping gold plated and carved wood "body kits" on NEX 7 cameras (a la putting a gold plated body kit on an Acura to charge triple for it) and charging $5000 for it, seems a little presumptuous.

I think part of the extreme derision we've seen from some people is also that the designs are ostentatiously ugly to many people's modern sensibilities, and suggests Hasselblad is out of touch. The designs shown look like something that would only appeal to some Saudi prince who has money but doesn't know better, or some very very old Texan or soemthing. Like the interior of a 1980s mega-yacht slapped onto an modern looking silver colored E-mount lens.

I'm reserving judgment for now. I don't think that the people at Hasselblad are that stupid and i dont think Sony would co-brand if t were because the Sony brand might even get a mild black eye if this was just stupid body kits by Hasselblad.

I don't claim to be an expert about Hasselblad but it seems like the Hasselblad that most of us can relate to isn't the Hasselblad that's getting into the digital world.

Hasselblad doesn't build digital cameras and hasn't even built a new medium format camera for quite a few years. Their Xpan camera was a Fuji with the Hasselblad name on it and now it appears their first digital will be a Sony with the Hasselblad name on it.

I honestly don't know what digital technology Hasselblad could possibly pass on to Sony and if Hasseblad could build an E-mount lens it would have an astronomic price and be no better than the Sony branded lenses. As a matter of fact, if they had the technology (by that I mean a factory set-up) to build an Emount lens they would have put it on their new camera.

I wouldn't put a lot of stock into this "partnership" between Hasselblad and Sony. It simply appears to be one where Sony supplies the internal workings and Hasselblad contracts with another company to build the fancy bodies.

I don't think we'll ever see a digital camera that is actually built by Hasselblad and I think their biggest input will always be limited to body design.

I could be wrong.

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