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Re: White surface?

I just tested version 0.4.

Alex, Paul69, I must say a GREAT THANKS to you!!!

I just fixed using the 4th version of the hot pixel mapping program written by Paul 69 from http://e2500.narod.ru/ccd_defect.htm the stuck CCD pixels on my 995 (f/w 1.7).

I had 3 groups of hot pixels at 1/60 sec and longer shutter speeds, more at longer shutter speeds, the program reported that it found 126 defective pixels during hot pixel remapping.

I would have a question: does this number include the number of the bad pixels already found in table when the remapping started? 126 would seem a bit too many, probably quite acceptable considering the calibrating shot was taken at 10 sec shutter speed.

Anyway, the bad ones are GONE!!! The program works and please receive a million thanks! from me. Without your help I would have to stay without my camera for weeks while it was sent to a Nikon repair centre (4 weeks from my personal experience).

So what worked - hope I could say perfectly - was the "Remap hot pixels" option.

I didn't try "Remap black pixels" and "Delete both maps".

The "Read hot pixels" and "Read black pixels" do both repeatedly report absolutely no bad pixels found (tried before and after using "Remap hot pixels").

I will check back for future program improvements but I must say that I am very happy already with the tool that you provided.


AlexMld wrote:
Have you tried the version 4? the 995 support should be improved
there though I am not sure it is tested with it. The versions
starting from 3 are supporting "dead" (dark) pixels mapping as well
as "hot" (bright) pixels mapping. Paul69 is writing that it is not
clear yet how to use the dead pixel mapping. Theoretically for this
purpose the camera should be presented with evenly illuminated
white surface for example a white ceiling. I think the most
important is to get the even illumination of the surface and also
the surface probably should be out of focus so the small
inregularities of it wouldn't count as dead pixels. I suppose for
hot pixel mapping the camera should be presented with black (closed
cap) but I think it does automatically close the shutter just like
it does when performing NR in 4500 (black frame reduction).


MariusN wrote:

What should be in front of the lens during those calibration/bad
pixel remapping shots?

Would be ok to have the lens cap on or do we have to put some sort
of white surface in fornt of the lens, in good and uniform light?

I am just testing out the 3 versions of the Paul's program with my
995. Is curious that none of them could read any bad pixel from the
camera, is like there are is no bad pixel map on my 995. Bad pixel
mapping was done on this camera in the past and right now there are
several stuck pixels on the CCD, clearly visible as hot (bright
pink, green, bluem I have all colors..) at 1/4 sec shutter speed,
even at 1/60 sec (ISO 100, etc).

Does Paul have any chance to test this program with another
Coolpix? Anyone else here willing to give it a test shot, just to
see if is reading the bad pixels with other Coolpix models trhan
2500 that Paul has?


AlexMld wrote:

To make the camera to recalculate the table you
need to press Remap. The camera starts doing some shots etc for
about 10 sec - this is OK.

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