Few words about Nex6 vs Nex7 on photokina

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Re: Few words about Nex6 vs Nex7 on photokina

The Hybrid autofocus system is only engaged in certain situations. Depending on how you did these tests, the PDAF focusing mechanism may not have been fully utilized.

The Hybrid autofocus will initialize PDAF to get the focus within a certain range of acceptability. If you're really out of focus and the camera searches throughout the whole focus range, that's called hunting, and that's where the PDAF system improves it. Once you're down to a certain range of acceptance in focus, then the CDAF system takes over to get a more accurate focus. So if you don't start in the range of hunting, then it will just use the CDAF technology.

Example of focus where Macro-Infinity is the range of your lenses focus capability and we're attempting to focus on object 'x' within that range.



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