adjusting exposure on D7000 with +/- buttons

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Graystar wrote:

Normally EC affects exposure in auto modes (and M + A-ISO) and it also affects the flash power. This situation is ideal for fill flash. If you take an outdoor shot with fill, and you feel that the exposure of the scene should be adjusted, one control, EC, will adjust the both fill flash and ambient exposures. This means that all the lighting in your scene will brighten or darken equally.

As nice as that is, sometimes you want to control your ambient light separately...for example, to create a dark dramatic sky...while your flash illuminates your subject. Well, to do that with a Nikon in auto modes you now have to have to reduce exposure using EC, and then you have to counter your reduction by applying the opposite FEC to the flash. Otherwise, the entire scene is darkened. That's a pain.

So an easy way to control flash power separately from ambient exposure is to do what you're doing...M mode + flash + EC. So if you're trying to suppress sunlight, for example, then you can use M mode to underexpose the scene by 2 stops (which will give dramatic skies) but the flash will fire normally...and if you need to adjust your flash exposure then you do it with EC (ah...but be aware that your Exposure Display, which you were using to control the ambient light, is now showing you a biased it's still an annoyance.)

Thank you. I knew I was doing exactly that but went totally brain dead as to why I had been doing it that way. I learned how from you and thanks for the refresh.

Nikon has finally recognized this problem and on the D4 there is an option to enable or disable flash control from EC (I believe some Sony cameras have this option, and Canon cameras shoot this way with no option to control flash with EC.) When disabled, you can control ambient exposure with EC and it doesn't affect the flash exposure...which is far more helpful in the situation I described above if you have clouds floating by the sun and changing your light. M mode is difficult to use then. But with EC on the flash disabled, you can adjust your flash exposure using FEC, and then play with EC until you get your skies as dramatic as you like. And since you're using an auto mode, it doesn't matter if the sun is peeking from the clouds and changing your lighting even as you press the shutter...both flash and ambient exposures are adjusting for that.

I want that! Maybe the D7100 will incorporate. Have a great day.

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