A dark stripe is appearing on my photographs taken with the 50mm 1.4.

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Cause and solution (very likely!)

Frightening how weard suggestions can get at times here...
The problem is very likely caused by the following:

• EF 1.4/ 50 and EOS 60D/Rebels may not be a good combination under certain circumstances. This means your lens might be perfectly o.k. as well as your camera body but the combination of the two is not.

• The geometry of the mirror box or other parts of the interior may partially get in the way of flare beams that come from odd angles (as flare beams usually do). This is of course more (only) apparent at wide apertures since the specific caustics/exit pupil then is so wide on a 50/1.4 that it more likely gets shaded by protruding elements inside an APS-C body.

In other words: The dark line on top is caused by a internal body element that prohibits stray light from falling on the sensor at that particular area.

Solution: get a decent lens hood that is suited for the reduced APS-C field of view. I'd recommend the shade of the 1.8/85 for example. If it should cause vignetting you might trim it a bit until you're there!

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