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Re: GPS and WiFi...?

El Profe wrote:

Not interested at all in neither one. One of my cameras (Panasonic) has GPS and still being unable to make it work. (It takes 15 to 20 min to detect the location and when it finally does it does not change the location again and keeps insisting I am still in the same original location even if I am 20 or 30 miles of the original place).

Just because it doesn't work well on a Panasonic doesn't mean anything, there are enormous differences between the different GPS modules in different gear, wait and see before assuming anything about its speed and reliability.

So many people are knocking the AF before trying it, yet the one person who gave feedback after having actually tried it found it very good indeed.

Wi-fi may be of some use for some (since theoretically you can transfer photos at the same time you are taking them if you are in range) but I use a card reader that's faster and more convenient for me to use to transfer photos.

It's not theoretically, it's one of the features.

Wifi also allows you to control the 6D from a PC, a portable PC, an iPad or Android tablet, an iPhone or Android phone with wifi.

Many will find that incredibly useful.
Of course, you might not.

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