D600 vs D300s

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Re: D600 vs D300s

DRode wrote:

I've been shooting a D300s for a while now. I very much like the handling and AF and needed the reach of a crop body to shoot HS field sports. This is my last year of regular sports shooting and I had been considering moving to used D700 but now I'm seriously considering the D600 instead.

My 24-70 and 70-200 are a better fit for me on Fx (wider/shorter). I'm not a pro and, the new camera will likely take less abuse that my current.

The reasons I want to go to Fx are
A) larger brighter viewfinder
B) Less noise (much less), especially ISO 800+
C) Greater dynamic range, especially ISO 800+

I'm not considering a D7k or the rumored D400. I want a larger viewfinder. I'm also not considering the D800. It's a great camera but I don't want to spend $3k and I don't want 36MP files.

So I'm looking for some comparison images between D300s and D600 that illustrate the ISO noise and dynamic range. I think the D600 is hugely better but I haven't seen any direct comparisons. Anyone seen these yet?

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I had a D7000 which I gave to my wife and I bought the D600 for myself.

It all depends what you want out of your camera. The D7000 is a great camera, IMO, the best APS-C camera ever made my Nikon. It's viewfinder is actually pretty large (larger than most APS cameras), and it can handle high ISO's nicely up to ISO 3200. After that, noise starts kicking it. Also, it has very nice dynamic range. For $999, you get a lot under the hood.

Now, at the same time, if you go FX that means more expensive FX lenses but you will have nice advantages:

  • Better DOF

  • Much better high ISO performance

  • Much larger viewfinder

  • More dynamic range

  • Better overall image quality

IMO, for the money, the D600 is a superb camera and a great buy, if you are willing to put nice glass on it. If you just go with the regular kit lens, you won't see that much of a difference....but if you invest in the 28 F1.8 / 50 F1.8 / 85 F1.8 or any short zoom F2.8 lenses, then you are golden and the results will be spectacular.

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