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Re: Vote for G15

The G15 and the G1X seem te be nice camera's who got my attention, I would like to have a G1X with a better lens, better battery life, faster AF , those are the major imperfections of the G1X, those could already be treated in the new G15 but the sensor is maybe a bit to little, that could also be improved with a 1" sensor like Sony RX100, so Canon please give us a perfect G2X !!!!! soon....

Spiridakis Michael wrote:

Ok, I like very much the new G15, fast lens, nice modern body in G1X lines... and thanks God this stupid childish articulated screen has been disappeared, I hope next year this to be done with G2X... It's not that I don't like the screen to be moving I just don't like this "video camera" style of articulated screen, they could make a screen like the one from Olympus OM-D E-M5...

Anyway vote here if you prefer a real 24mm equiv in wide angle of the zoom or you prefer the come back of this stupid screen...???

Vote ...

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