Cold Feet: I purchased a 7D, but will I regret it? (I currently own a 60D.)

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Flying Fish wrote:

JustShane: Any of Canon's newer APS-C cameras will focus fast and accurately on a still subject using phase detect (the normal, not live view, AF). I have a 7D and a T2i, and honestly, I can't see any difference in their focus speed and accuracy on a sitting bird using the same lens, with one huge exception : as Karl says, that wonderful spot AF that the 7D has. Especially for small birds but also for any bird in a busy environment, the area under the central AF point is bigger than it looks, and the camera might well focus on the wrong thing in that area. With spot AF, you significantly reduce the chance of the camera's focusing on the wrong thing. The downside is that spot AF can make achieving focus a bit harder, but when you need it, it's worth it.

NancyP: Let me say this. Are you missing a lot of shots? Is your keeper ratio frustratingly low because of missed focus? If so, then consider the 7D. If not, then continue to enjoy your 60D.


This just might be the ace in the whole for the 7D.

When photographing birds in fences, I have noticed that every once in awhile, the 60D will choose to focus on the front or backside of the fence, especially if the fence is highlighted by the sun. I suspect this is because the focus point is too large and is thus picking up the contrast of the surrounding fence.

Spot AF, in theory, solves this problem by making the focus point significantly smaller.

It seems to be a powerful tool for birders...

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