Nikon Taking A Page From Apples Playbook

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Re: Nikon Taking A Page From Apples Playbook

Not sure what this has to do with Apple. Lots of companies do this.

GMussio wrote:

So, I'm a sucker for tech, not gonna lie. Stopped by Best Buy today, and guess what, they had tons of D600s in stock! I was so shocked. Except for Apple, most companies announce a product and wait 3 months or more for its actual release. In this world of instant gratification, it some what annoying. I really feel like a good chunk of Apples sales has to do with the fact that Steve Jobs always hated the idea of announcing a product and waiting forever to make it available and in stock. Makes no sense to me to wait so long, they dont make money unless a product is sold so why not have plenty on hand as soon as it's announced? Good job Nikon. Dont get me wrong, I like Canon too, but I can only imagine how many FF enthusiasts might grab the D600 because its readily available over the 6D which wont be available till December.

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