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Re: Built-in Flash

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Dave Oddie wrote:

Well I have to say I don't see the point of mounting a HVL-20 on a camera with a built in flash. If you use it as shown in the photo you are replacing the forward firing built in one with a forward firing external one. This is pointless.

Not only is the HVL-20 more powerful than in-built flash, it also has bounce feature (which I use 99% of the time I care for flash).

It's got a guide number of 20. That is very weak to be used for bounce flash and in any case bounce flash isn't fill flash. Do you use the 20 for fill flash or the built in one?

The HVL-20 is not powerful enough to be used as a bounce flash and exists to provide the exact same function on those cameras as the built-in flash does on your camera.

Strange argument in favor of built-in flash.

I wasn't clear with my grammar there. The A850/900/99 don't have a built in flash so Sony made the 20 so users don't have to lug a larger flash unit around. Given its power it has the same limited use as a built in flash but that is fine as that is what it is for.

If you have a built in flash you don't need the 20 in my opinion. The only time I use the built in flash is to provide fill flash typically in bright sunlight. Why bother attaching the 20 to do the exact same job?

It is far more convenient to use the built in flash and it would be far more convenient if the A99 had one for this reason alone.

It is second nature to me to use fill flash when the light warrants it and I don't have to mess about getting a flash out of the bag and attaching it (or even remeber to take it with me!). If I decide the shot needs some fill flash it is right there with the flash built in. The results I get are very natural and miles better than not using a flash at all.

If I waned to use a flash as a main light source it would not be mounted on the camera (whether bounced or not) and I would want to use a more powerful and sophisticated unit.

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