I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

PeterLeyssens wrote:

Indeed, hand luggage only means no tripod and hopefully for you, no laptop. I'd go even further:

kwa_photo wrote:

On my last trip, I took my iPad (original) for one purpose. Backups.

I have the simplest but fastest backup device ever: a Nexto. It's basically a tiny box with a card reader around a 2.5" drive. Weighs nothing, takes no place, does the same job. My cell phone goes with me for basic surfing etc. I can review all I want when I'm back.

There are any number of solutions like the Nexto out there, but the big advantage of using a device with WiFi and/or mobile data is that you can back up all or at least your important shots to an online service (or even your home system if you've set things up in advance) from practically anywhere, and reduce the loss in case your equipment/luggage/etc. is lost, stolen, or destroyed. If an iPad is too big, there are ways you can interface an SD card to your phone to review and move the data you want.

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