OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

me1948 wrote:

Acuity of the human eye is not in question. It's also rather besides the point that TMR was making.

This is not difficult. Look into an OVF, look at a magnified EVF view of the same subject, EVF shows more detail. It's the same as printing a 24mp picture at 8*12", then printing a crop from the full image at the same size.

"OVF vs EVF put to rest" is the title of the thread, backed by a misleading video, trying to suggest that EVF has now overtaken OVF. All I have sought to do is point out that this is untrue, at least for some people, in in some types of photography.

I'm glad that you accept the acuity issue. I fully understand and get the point about magnified EVF and accept that in this mode you will get to see more detail, at least in outright resolution terms, than an unmagnified OVF.

You must accept, though, that a good OVF will offer significantly more resolution than an A77/A99 EVF unmagnified. I have provided plenty of scientific evidence/references to prove this.

There are many types of photography that would not suit the process of magnifying the image before capture, as I have highlighted in other posts. Therefore, in these situations, for me, OVF is far superior, despite some of the other obvious benefits of EVF.

In situations where image magnification would be beneficial, my workaround on A900, is to use intelligent preview function to adjust various parameters as required, capture an image and then magnify this image in preview mode, to check focus etc. This may not be quite as quick as EVF on A77/A99, but then most types of photography that benefit from using the magnifier function on EVF, are situations where working in a hurry is not an issue.

On balance for the type of photography that I do, for me, OVF is by far the preferred option, to date, until EVF improves.

OVF vs EVF will never be put to bed, so why don't we all just use what we like and get on with it?

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