NEX-6 Biggest Hit of Photokina

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Re: NEX-6 Biggest Hit of Photokina

I did not say when I was getting the NEX-6. It will definitely have to drop in price before I will purchase it. Probably next year around this time...I am in no hurry to pay full price for sure.

Annex wrote:

Todd3608 wrote:

No way would I give up my A57 to get the NEX-6. I am getting the NEX-6 myself but to go along with my A57. I like using the Alpha lens and have no intentions of paying hundreds of dollars for an adapter to use with the NEX-6.

DPpirate wrote:

I'm liking the NEX 6 as well, might have to sell the A57 and get it later in the year.


You wont pay for an adaptor but intead youll pay for 2 cameras?!?

Hey, your money I'm just saying :).

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