The new 18-55mm lens: the only lens one needs?

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Re: The new 18-55mm lens: the only lens one needs?

Hi Jake,

JakeB wrote:

Don't let the prime snobs get to you, Dave -- 2.8 to 4.0 will still provide good bokeh and just bump the ISO in low light -- these aren't Leicas with their terrible high ISO performance.

Oh, I've been called a snob before, I don't mind. I'm very happy you and the OP have found a lens that corresponds to how you want to use your cameras. It seems that a few prime users (if I can move away from your description of "snob" for a second) have found their way of using their cameras, too. Good ! Everybody's happy.

I do disagree, though, with the description of the zoom as the only lens "one needs". The OP could've put it more realistically by saying it's the only lens he needs. I don't need that zoom and I definitely don't want it. If I'm allowed, I'll gladly use primes, even if that means being called names (which, again, I don't mind)


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