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re: D600 LEMON

well se

It is why I am shooting a lot of test pictures before I buy my cameras or lenses, I often take 3 lenses and compare them before I buy one of them

mammothtarm wrote:

I just received my D600 today and only got off 5 shots... after that... upon 4x view in preview on the last shot, the LCD froze and all the controls too. Had to take the battery out. I now get a ERR error code that flashes. I can engage the shutter again, but it will give me a ERR code right after. No LCD function what so ever. Called Nikon and they said send it back. Nothing worked to reset the camera. Off to One Call and they are sending me another one overnight. Not sure if anyone got this issue yet. I'm using 2 San Disk Extreme 64 CB cards...the ones they approved on the list.

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