Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

Yes, the D600 was my first port of call. Spent an hour in the camera shop with a pre-launch display unit they had been sent by Nikon. Can't say I was overly impressed. Found the body too small in my hands for my personal preference and although specs seem impressive, not sure why but it left me cold.

Then in another shop got talking to the canon rep, reluctantly at first because in my mind it was truly only between D600 & D800, but they talked me through all the 5D3 features and don't why but it just felt right, excited me. As I say, purely personal impression - but that's what won me over. I thought the colours we're pleasantly more accurate than my constant feel that my d300 was slightly washed out. The D600 seemed to have the same washed out, almost slight green cast to it as well.

Only my impression. But very happy with my newly arrive 5D3. Looking forward to giving it a proper test.

As I mentioned above, any good online user guides specifically for the 5D3?


Mikael Risedal wrote:
Always fun to try something new but have you heard about the Nikon d600

Richard Innes wrote:


Been a Nikon user for the last 15 years (mainly their better amateur cameras - D300 latest), and now finally decided to upgrade to a full frame camera. Although the D800 is impressive, I think I've kind of fallen for the 5D Mark III in terms of its overall performance and particularly the video performance.

Given I'm moving up in the camera world, I want to start investing in some decent glass to go with my new purchase. Any fast lenses I've previously owned (i.e. f2.8 throughout) have come from the Tamron and Sigma families due to cost.

However, I want to go Canon own lenses now, and I'm toying between the 24-105 L f4.0 lens and the 17-55mm f/2.8. They both come in at similar prices (or appear to where I have looked online).

This will be my main walkaround and just interested in people impressions of both of them.

(The new 24-70mm looks amazing but bit out of my price range given the amount I'm about to spend on the mk3.......)

Thanks everyone and still can't quite believe I'm moving systems, Nikon has been good to me - but that mk3.....


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