If I were Hasselblad....

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Keit ll Veteran Member • Posts: 4,178
Re: Hasselblad's dilemma

The cynics are entitled to their point of view & I would not wish to silence them but surely HB are entitled to find a new direction. The medium frame market has contracted & HB have fallen behind but some good could come from this new venture.

Both Sony & HB need some advice as to what they should do so as to move in the right direction. Any new cameras need to build on what is a good foundation & if they get it right then any benefits will trickle down to the standard affordable models. The HB versions may well be outside the reach of ordinary buyers but we should not let that deter us from making constructive suggestions & lending our support. If they suceed then we all win.
Keith C

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