P7700 available in Montreal

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Re: P7700 available in Montreal

willconnect wrote:

Hi Yves,
Good to hear you are the 1st P7700 posting the photo.

How's P7700 compare to Canon G series, M4/3 or other compact full feature DC?
I'm on the edge to get one but not sure if P7700 can handle well.

Lastly, is it portable to carry around?


Good question about comparison with the G series. Of course until we get the G15 and the P7700 compared like for like we wont know and the the last G series the G12 did not have a CMOS sensor.

I discounted the new G15 on the grounds that it lost the articulated screen and that the lens is still only 5x zoom. I know there are times when an OVF is useful but with n articulated screen at least you can angle it in such a way as to avoid reflections not to forget it's other advantages like being able to close it to protect the screen.

I have a little Powershot A4050 which I bought while my G11 was being repaired - only had it a few months and it's scratched already. Canon dropped the articulated screen on the G15 so I have dropped Canon. Now the G15 is just another P&S and a big one at that and there are other better ones around at around 500$ not to mention the Sony RX100.

The P7700 weighs 50 gms less than the old G12 and I used to carry my G12 in my bum bag.

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