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Hasselblad's dilemma

The problem is that what Hasselblad historically builds is no longer what cameras are about. When I read them bragging about handmade wooden models and saw the crude 3D design images I knew they were in trouble. They hope to be seen as old world craftsmanship, but they come across more as simply old technology.

I think they are largely stuck with using modules from Sony for the guts, perhaps with tweaks like those Sony has done for Nikon. That's ok. There's plenty they could do with that. For example:

  • Form-factor changes & environmental seals

  • More buffer memory (DRAM chip substitution)

  • Fix the video record button (minor housing tweak)

  • Sensor cooling (packaging and/or added-on subsystem)

  • Bigger battery (inside the bigger grip)

  • UI changes to make it look more Hasselblad (software config)

  • Lenses (perhaps leveraging manual focus)

  • Shift/tilt mount adapter for lenses, maybe even leaf shutter support

In summary, there's a lot they can do while using "stock" Sony guts.

The catch is that I doubt many of us see benefits to using gold or even carbon fiber. The materials just are not that big an issue -- especially for the NEX-7, which has never drawn any negative comments about the materials used in it's construction. The closest I've heard is complaints about the glue used on the grip and the fragility of the cover on the LCD -- both of which I'd hope Hasselblad would fix.

Anyway, it can't be bad for us NEX users to have Hasselblad in the game. I think it is now clear that E-mount will survive for some time... which wasn't so clear before.

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