If I were Hasselblad....

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Re: If I were Hasselblad....

Keit ll wrote:

I am not opposed to the idea of a linkup between Hassleblad & Sony , the example set by Leica & Panasonic springs to mind

However any collaboration has to be more than just re-skining Sony models with an expensive exterior.. I agree that if Hassleblad can introduce in-body image staiblisation or high class lenses then it could be worthwhile

Perhaps Hassleblad could introduce a larger sensor or a square/ multi format sensor with appropriate micro-lenses which would be an enhancement of existing technology ?
Keith C

Exactly my thoughts and probably even in line with what Victor Hasselblad would

have done because he was a photographer that built cameras for other photographers...He was very very inovative.......
The nex system is very good but there is always room for new ideas.....
heck even Sony realised that the minolta flash mount was a problem in many cases

rather then any help... they dont have it on the new cameras....Hasselblad does use it..... quite frankly I dont understand it.....

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