Street photography, had a guy go weird on me

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Re: Consider this Scenario

apaflo wrote:

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

apaflo wrote:

hzzn wrote:

There are countless incidents just like the one I am speaking about being reported in the news and in videos on youtube. The truth, is everywhere!

Cite half a dozen of them in the US. There are instances that amount to aberrations, but you are claiming that is the norm rather than not.

You want 1/2 a dozen? Here are plenty of them.

In many or even most cases the cops are acting illegally but they will still arrest you.

The charges are usually dropped but in the meantime you've spent hours or in some cases days in jail.

You have cited exactly the same kind of material that I did previously, which is rather easy to find and which hzzn claimed was not! The police making illegal arrests, not valid ones.

As noted, that is an aberration, it is not the norm, and in general you can expect a police officer to know the law and to respect it. I'm not saying that mistakes are not made or that we need not be aware and prepared. But running around shouting that the sky is falling is never the correct solution.

It is legal to take pictures of people in public. Do so with the awareness that it is legal but also that some people do not agree and that even includes some police officers. I'm not saying to be insensitive. I'm just saying that hiding your head in the sand is neurotic, not realistic.

I have made no claim that stories were hard to find. That is a ridiculous statement if you actually read my argument. I clearly stated that news stories of this nature were abundant and readily anywhere and everywhere. How you construed that to mean the complete opposite and accuse me of what you are clearly guilty of is beyond me. You are the one that claimed that these accounts were few and far between, and this is further evidenced by asking for only half a dozen reports, as if I'd have trouble even finding that many. You are clearly delusional.

The reports on the site Brian cited are just a microcosm of what is happening across the united states. Aberration my ass. Police questioning your constitutional right to photograph them in public has practically become procedural.

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