Just sold V1, 50% Depreciation - 6 mos

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Re: Instant gratification or lazy consumer?

Well ... I hate to put too fine a point on it, but there is a rather narrow DOF on this shot with the J1, shot at a paltry 810mm EFL

Kim - that result will not be achieved by the average J1 / V1 shooter who has one or two of the basic kit lenses, so I don't think your case particularly undermines what Torag said.

I have owned the V1 with adapter and the fine 70 - 300mm VRII and did a lot of wildlife at 810mm, fantastic combination for doing that for relatively still subjects (poor for speed and no tracking capability - unless you count lucky shots). but it adds around £700 to the basic cost of the V1 / J1, that is not a prospect for everyone either in terms of cost or in carrying around alarge unit .... when for many, going with the N1 was all about portability.

The N1 strikes me as beimng no different than any other camera in that it will do some things well but not others - just depends where your interest lay. I do miss a 810mm reach but I don't miss the weight or the poor tracking performance.
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